Tree Top Academy has created its own unique curriculum called the Tree Top Approach to Learning or TTAL. It is based on the latest research in early childhood education. TTAL was developed by pulling together 4 complementary ideas of early childhood education.


The Reggio Emilia Philosophy |  This approach focuses on each child as an individual full of potential, curiosity and creativity. The teacher is seen as the guide and role model for the children to construct their own theories and knowledge. Learn more about The Reggio Emilia Philosophy here.

Project Approach | The project Approach works well with Reggio Emilia. A project is an in depth investigation on a topic of interest to the  children. The students generate questions about the topic and then conduct research to help find the  answer. The study can last anywhere from 2 weeks to several months. Learn more about Project Approach here.

Visible Thinking | Visible Thinking was developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and are mini strategies that extend and deepen students thinking. Learn more about Visible Thinking here.


The Conscious Discipline Program | The Conscious Discipline program is a comprehensive social emotional learning program that teaches children how to regulate their emotions. Conscious Discipline techniques are an undercurrent through all of our teaching and interactions. Learn more about Conscious Discipline here.