Child development specialists say young children learn best when they are fully engaged and imbued with a feeling of control. They encourage parents to seek out more open-ended games and toys in which children could explore and create at their own pace. Yet at the moment, not many apps are built with this approach in mind.”
— Lisa Guernsey Slate Magazine

Facts to Consider about Media + Young Minds

from The American Academy of Pediatrics

“Parents’ background television use distracts from parent–child interactions and child play.Heavy parent use of mobile devices is associated with fewer verbal and nonverbal interactions between parents and children and may be associated with more parent-child conflict.”

“Increased duration of media exposure and the presence of a television, computer, or mobile device in the bedroom in early childhood have been associated with fewer minutes of sleep per night.”

“Child characteristics also may influence how much media children consume: excessive television viewing is more likely in infants and toddlers with a difficult temperament or self-regulation problems, and toddlers with social-emotional delays are more likely to be given a mobile device to calm them down.”

“Heavy media use during preschool years is associated with small but significant increases in BMI, may explain disparities in obesity risk in minority children, and sets the stage for weight gain later in childhood.”


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